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Play golf in la Cerdanya

January 13, 2021

Golf in la Cerdanya

If we talk about la Cerdanya as a tourist area, then there is a lot to visit and explore.

According to the opinions of experienced Spanish golfers, there is a beautiful place in Catalonia, surrounded by the Pyrenees, in its vast and splendid paradisiacal valley, in addition to a variety of flowers and plants, trees and shrubs are the same as the European ones and are blooming magnificent golf courses.

In the heart of La Cerdanya, there are the best golf courses in Europe. A famous course with an unforgettable personality. A natural environment perfectly integrated with golf so you can live a unique golf experience..

The best golf courses in la Cerdanya

Certainly the Valley of la Cerdanya has become a paradise for Spanish golf, this is not a trick of the trade, or an exaggeration.

In this valley there are some golf clubs, the most famous are:

  • Real Club Cerdaña Golf Club, with a long tradition and reputation.
  • Fontanals Golf Club, a club with impressive facilities, high-quality services and multiple benefits.
  • Sant Marc Puigcerdà Golf Club, which was established in Puigcerdà on the Sant Marc estate in 2006.

These three golf courses have changed the entire social and economic life of la Cerdanya.

Characteristics of the golf courses in Cerdanya

In 1929 the most prestigious golf club in Catalonia was born, the first golf club in Girona, the la Cerdanya Golf Club. It was originally private with just nine short holes, but between 1942 and 1948, it increased from nine holes to the current eighteen holes.

In 1950 it hosted the first international competition, which has not yet been made public. In 1965, the club bought 45 hectares of sports ground, which became a social club.

Between 1968 and 2009, the club developed by opening a sports center, expanding the sports field and improving the clubhouse and other facilities.

The Fontanals Golf Course, created as a service club, stands out for its space and facilities. Its first-class services are golf, a state-of-the-art gym, a relaxation area with a swimming pool and sauna, an advanced gym with digital technology equipment, six paddle tennis courts and fast tennis courts, and it provides nutrition, physiotherapy, psychology and sports medicine.

In 2006 the current Sant Marc Puigcerdà Golf Club was born with another name, golf Sant Marc. It has a course created in the mountains in the surroundings of two natural lakes, it has three kilometers of field and eighteen holes, which is a flat course for any player, it also has a field of fifty positions.

Its services include a three-month curriculum for teenagers, a clubhouse and a golf school that combines general and language learning.

The importance of Golf in la Cerdanya

The consolidation of the sport of Golf in la Cerdanya It has affected local life, providing space for sports schools, entertainment venues, hotels, tourism and real estate activities, which is part of the planning and urban development of the second residence.

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