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best places in ibiza

July 20, 2022

best places in ibiza

Ibiza is a wonderful island, full of impressive places, beautiful beaches and people who want to enjoy it. Ibiza is magical and falls in love. Ibiza is the pearl of the Balearic Islands. Los que no la conocen se mueren por visitarla y aquellos que ya han conocido sus múltiples diversiones y encantos vuelven año tras año para revivirlos.  

But what are the best places in Ibiza??

Best places to visit in Ibiza

Every corner of the white island surprises and falls in love, but if we had to choose 10 of the best places in Ibiza, without a doubt, it would be these:

Dalt Vilà

The old town of Ibiza, whose walls are World Heritage, rises imposingly on a small hill crowned by the Cathedral of Ibiza and is one of the symbols of the island. Without a doubt, the cultural center and one of the essential places for everyone who visits it. Its narrow and winding streets, labyrinths of white stone and artisan businesses, small restaurants and tradition. Its charm makes travelers fall in love and for that reason, Dalt Vilà deserves a place in our list of the 10 best places in Ibiza.

Es Vedrà

Another of the jewels in the crown of the white island. For those who do not know it, it is Vedrà, it is a small islet that is located off the coast of Ibiza and has been a nature reserve since 2002, together with the islets that accompany it, Es Vedranell and Es Illots de Ponents. It is easily recognizable from many points in Ibiza. Hundreds of legends and myths have been written about Es Vedrà, about its strength and mysticism, about the magic it hides and the energy it attracts. A mandatory stop on your visit to the island.

Cala D’Hort

Cala d'Hort is a dream beach, one of the most magical coves on the island, in the middle of a Nature Reserve and accompanied by the majestic presence of the islets of Es Vedrà and Es Vedranell. Sunbathing and enjoying a day at the beach or a meal in its various restaurants is an absolutely impressive experience. Without a doubt, one of the places you cannot miss. Among them, we recommend that you eat at Es Boldadó, one of the most traditional and quality restaurants on the island. The sunset in this cove is a fantasy.

mejores sitios para visitar en ibiza

Cala Xarraca

Cala Xarraca is another of the best coves you will find on the white island. The small cliff of red earth and the small islets in front combine to create a unique postcard. Well known by diving lovers because you will find the clearest waters on the island here. The rocks and the transparency of its waters make Cala Xarraca a must to enjoy the seabed that the island offers.

Cala Comte

The jewel in the crown for many of us. One of the most popular beaches, especially for its mythical sunsets. Formed by two beautiful coves of fine sand, beautiful turquoise waters, and fabulous views of some of the islets that surround the coast of Ibiza, Cala Comte offers an idyllic landscape that makes it one of the most beautiful and best-known beaches in Ibiza.

A beautiful postcard that you will not want to miss if you visit the beautiful island.

Cala Mastella

Pintoresco rincón marinero, un enclave pequeño y virgen, con mucho encanto. Consta de una pequeña cala, con una zona de arena en el exterior donde extender la toalla, y un pequeño puerto a la izquierda, donde se ubica uno de los chiringuitos de pescado míticos de la isla: El Bigotes. The cove also has a small kiosk on the shore. The color of the water is one of its most surprising singularities. The rocks, the white sand and the posidonia that make up its background intermingle and give us a palette of colors that goes from the most intense green and blue to the darkest tones.


What to say about the little sister of Ibiza? Formentera only has one word to describe it and that word is paradise. A little paradise just half an hour by boat or ferry from Ibiza. Infinite tongues of sand bathed by exceptionally pure, crystalline and turquoise waters with seabeds full of fauna and flora. The best preserved island of the Balearic archipelago. Without a doubt, a mandatory stop.

Ses Salines

The Ses Salines Natural Park is one of the essential visits to Ibiza. Its action is the cause of the rich marine biodiversity of the island, the purity of its waters and the landscape of the Pitiusa coast. The well-known salt of Ibiza is extracted from here and is exported with the island's seal and quality guarantee throughout Europe. A walk through Ses Salines through its ponds and even the defense towers will steal the heart of more than one. The journey to Ses Portes, located between the beaches of Ses Salines and Es Cavallet, is especially memorable.


A magical and unique place in the Balearic Islands. It is not a beach nor is it a cove. It is an old quarry and part of its magic is due to its strange rock formations, where the stone was extracted to build the walls of Dalt Vilà in the 16th century.

The cuts that were made in the rocks have created strange structures in which walking is as fun as it is magical. The hippies chose it as a place of worship and rest. Since then, the rocks have been adorned with carved figures of fish, Buddhas, and symbols of peace and love. Under sea level, holes have been formed that fill with water with the waves and form spectacular natural pools.

Its name is due to the myth of Atlantis, an island lost in the sea, and it describes very well what it feels like to step on it. Pure mysticism.


A zigzag route between hills and valleys takes you to the hidden Cala Benirrás, a cove surrounded by hills and rocks to climb to enjoy the fabulous views of the sea and the rock formation Cap Bernat or "finger of God". Coarse sand, crystal clear waters, and a rocky seabed make it an ideal place for snorkeling. But what makes Benirrás stand out from other beautiful coves on the island are its romantic and mythical sunsets to the sound of hippy drums that gather every Sunday in this little piece of paradise to say goodbye to the sunset. A picturesque scene that delights everyone who is lucky enough to live it, a unique experience and deep-rooted tradition that you definitely have to live if you travel to Ibiza.

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