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The best beach clubs in Ibiza

June 22, 2023

The best beach clubs in Ibiza

Ibiza offers the perfect setting to enjoy a beach club and embrace the dolce vita. beach club donde apurar la dolce vita. Y es que ¿a quién no le gusta un beach club And who doesn't love a beach club in the summer? These beachfront establishments, blending comfort, luxury, design, music, good food, delicious cocktails, and excellent service, have gained a great reputation among beach destination enthusiasts.  

Encontrar beach clubs en Ibiza Finding beach clubs in Ibiza where you can indulge in the most hedonistic pleasures of summer is as easy as choosing a direction and setting off. However, there are so many of them that we'll provide you with a list of what we, at SARM, consider the best ones.

If you already have your vacation planned to the White Island or are thinking of making a trip, grab a notepad and pen and take note of the best beach clubs in Ibiza: beach clubs de Ibiza:

Casa Jondal 

Located in the southwest of Ibiza, it takes its name from Cala Jondal, a magnificent beach with crystal-clear waters and turquoise hues. Casa Jondal is the restaurant of chef Rafa Zafra and has become a benchmark of simplicity, good taste, and top-notch gastronomy.

Their dream of becoming one of the best beach clubs in the world has already become a reality for many of their loyal diners. The absolute star of their menu is seafood, and from there, it is up to the diners to decide how they want their choices prepared: grilled, fried, or cooked in the Josper oven. The same goes for their meat dishes, where guests have the luxury of choosing their preferred cooking method.

Here, the public will find an exclusive opportunity to savor the Ibiza summer, rediscovering the essence of the traditional beach bar, surrounded by an unbeatable landscape and a sense of comfort and well-being that can only be achieved by sitting with bare feet, feeling the sand beneath them, and being lulled by the breeze that rustles through the shadows of the juniper trees. They can indulge in what many consider to be the food of the best beach bar in the world, all in an atmosphere of relaxation and enjoyment.

Casa Jondal, beach club in Ibiza

Blue Marlin Ibiza 

There are some places that, as soon as you set foot in them, you know you're going to come back, and that's exactly what happens when you visit the eclectic and legendary beach club of Cala Jondal, Blue Marlin Ibiza. beach club de Cala Jondal, Blue Marlin Ibiza.

Located, like the previous one, in the idyllic surroundings of Cala Jondal, the beach club is a magnificent place to relax and enjoy everything that Ibiza has to offer: sun, beach, music, cool people, and exclusive gastronomy. beach club es un sitio magnífico para relajarse y disfrutar de todo lo que Ibiza tiene que ofrecer entre sol, playa, música, gente cool y gastronomía exclusiva.

The restaurant offers a fusion of Mediterranean cuisine with oriental influences, featuring an excellent sushi menu and options for vegetarians. All of this is complemented by an aesthetic that garners admiration from diners.

Their menu caters to the most discerning palates, with desserts that are true delicacies. The selection of over 40 cocktails they offer can cause true indecision among their visitors. Their parties are legendary, always featuring famous DJs on the lineup.

It is this explosive and winning combination that earns it well-deserved international recognition year after year.

Blue Marlin Ibiza, Beach club

Cala Bassa Beach Club 

The CBBC (Casa Jondal Beach Club) covers the stretch of one of the most beautiful beaches in Ibiza, boasting the clearest and cleanest waters you will likely see on the island, combined with the softest golden sand. They themselves refer to it as their Mount Olympus, as if the gods could have chosen it as their residence.

Their three mantras are: location, gastronomy, and experience.

With the location check achieved, they aim to surprise through their signature cuisine and diverse culinary options. Their menu ranges from Mediterranean dishes to gourmet seafood, a variety of sushi, and even simpler but beloved dishes like hamburgers or pizzas, which, through their preparation, are transformed into authentic delicacies to satisfy all tastes.

Regarding the experience, as if the stunning surroundings and delicious food weren't enough, they offer a range of additional amenities. They have Balinese beds, providing an authentic oasis to relax to the rhythm of music and ocean waves after enjoying a spectacular meal. They also provide a spacious area with sun loungers for guests to enjoy their services with maximum comfort. Other offerings include jet ski rentals, a massage area, and, of course, live music, which is one of their distinguishing features.

At Cala Bassa, they entertain their visitors with their resident DJ, Madlo, as well as other guest DJs who join him.

What are you waiting for to enjoy your day at one of the best beach clubs on the island? beach clubs de la isla?

Cala Bassa Beach Club in Ibiza

Experimental Beach Club 

"A seaside getaway hidden in the salt reserve of Las Salinas. Lounge chairs scattered along the sand. The gentle murmur of waves on the tranquil blue of the Balearic Sea. A leisurely lunch savored under the warm glow of the summer sun. A round of cocktails with friends. The sudden burst and intermittent popping of a champagne cork. The setting sun slowly gliding toward the horizon. Sweet jazz tunes floating over dinner tables as the moon reappears. An escape from everyday life. That's how they describe the experience at Experimental Beach Club in Ibiza on their website, and just by reading it, we long to leave everything behind and teleport ourselves there.." Así es como definen en su web la experiencia en Experimental Beach Club de Ibiza y con solo leerlo, deseamos dejarlo todo y teletransportarnos hasta allí.

Visiting Experimental Beach Club is like stumbling upon paradise. It's where the environment, drinks, music, and food converge at the perfect moment and point. It's a perpetual yet fleeting spectacle to return to every year. It's the place for those seeking a slice of the island that is only known to those in the know.

Experimental Beach Club en Ibiza

Don't miss the second part of the best beach clubs in Ibiza! We will be delighted to continue sharing more information with you about these incredible beach destinations. See you soon!

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