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7 Plans to Enjoy a Peaceful Autumn in the Pyrenees

October 31, 2023

7 Plans to Enjoy a Peaceful Autumn in the Pyrenees

The best experiences to infuse your getaway to the Pyrenees with the autumnal flavors and colors.

The best experiences to infuse your getaway to the Pyrenees with the autumnal flavors and colors.

To savor the peace and scenic beauty of the falling leaves in the Pyrenees, there's nothing better than indulging in a "forest bath" in the Cerdanya, the majestic valley of the Pyrenees.

What is a forest bath?

It's not about physical exercise, hiking, or running through the forest. Instead, it's about immersing yourself in nature and connecting with it through your senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch.


Accommodation Amidst Nature

When searching for accommodation in the Cerdanya, Villa Pyrenees is always an excellent choice. While there are various hotels in the area, none integrate you as deeply into nature as this private villa with views of the Sierra del Cadí. You'll feel at home like nowhere else.

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Horseback Riding

At any time of the year, taking a horseback ride through the forests and fields of Cerdanya is beautiful. However, in the autumn, the experience is even more special. The colors that unfold during this season are simply stunning. The leaves change their hue before falling, creating a spectacle worthy of admiration and photography. Horseback riding in autumn is an activity that both adults and children can enjoy, making it a perfect plan for the whole family.


Mushroom Foraging

If you enjoy walks in the forest with a jacket and boots, appreciating the scents and sounds of the environment in the autumn, Cerdanya is an ideal place for mushroom foraging. This unhurried activity connects you with the forest and Pyrenean cuisine. However, it's crucial to be guided by experts and never, under any circumstances, pick mushrooms unless you're absolutely certain of their edibility.

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Tasting Autumnal Dishes

Cerdanya's cuisine is filled with irresistible autumnal flavors during this season. We recommend trying dishes featuring fresh mushrooms, chestnuts, pumpkins, and other seasonal ingredients at local restaurants. The flavors and aromas will immerse you in the delight of the season and allow you to savor the richness of local cuisine


Bird Watching

Cerdanya is an ideal location for bird watching, especially in autumn when migratory birds pass through the region. Bring your binoculars and enjoy the beauty of these birds on their migratory route.

Relaxation in Spas

The region boasts spas that offer relaxing treatments. Immerse yourself in thermal waters and relish the peace and tranquility.


These plans will allow you to enjoy the Pyrenees in a tranquil and enriching manner during the autumn season. Whether you prefer exploring nature, savoring local cuisine, or immersing yourself in culture, this region has much to offer during this beautiful time of year. Enjoy to the fullest your getaway!

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