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¿Por qué alquilar una casa de lujo en la montaña?

November 3, 2022

Benefits of renting a luxury house in the mountains

There are two kinds of people: those who prefer the mountains and those who choose the beach. But there are many reasons why the latter can also enjoy their holidays in the mountains. Since the mountain offers endless possibilities, which end up falling in love with everyone who tries it. 

  • landscapes and nature

The mountain offers fairytale landscapes and unique postcards that will amaze you and want to immortalize. When you go on an excursion, you always want more, because the reward is worth it. 

  • Relaxation and disconnection

There are few places where you can switch off like you do on the mountain. We do not realize it but the pollution of the city, the stress to which we are subjected on a daily basis, the calls, the 24/7 connection to the telephone and the internet, all of this is exhausting us and burning inside. The mountain, its landscapes and sounds, offer an ideal environment to disconnect, to put the mobile aside and enjoy the moment. The fact that the activities that involve being in the mountains and that most of the places have no connection will make you forget about stress and recharge your batteries. 

  • Plans and activities

In the mountains there are always plans or activities to do. From excursions, walks, visits to towns, skiing, golf, paddle tennis, cycling, running... Most of them come together with another benefit of the mountain and that is that the mountain moves you to have an active life, exercise... Get closer and get to know France . 

  • Facilities

The good thing about going to the mountains is that it no longer means giving up the comforts you enjoy in the city. Gone are the days when the mountain was synonymous with the old, and now you can enjoy endless comforts during your stay. All the more so if you decide to rent a private house in the mountains. Internet connection, hot water, service, play areas, soft beds, state-of-the-art bathrooms, spa, sauna and everything you can imagine, you can find it if you rent your villa in the mountains. 

  • Children

If you have children, you should know that your next vacation must be in the mountains. Children enjoy like crazy everything that the mountain has to offer. The activities, the plans, running free, seeing animals in their natural habitat, sports, the constant movement of the day that will leave them completely exhausted at night. Children love the mountains and it also suits them phenomenally. 

  • Local gastronomy

The typical mountain dishes are well known for being strong and very good. Traditional, traditional food and pastries that delight the sweet tooth. 

Have you already convinced yourself to spend your next vacation in the mountains? 

Well, there is even more, if instead of going to a hotel, during your getaway in the mountains you decide to rent a luxury house in the mountains, you will see how the experience improves 200%, the possibility of enjoying all the comforts and benefits of the mountain as if you were in your own home. Without schedules, with the freedom to do and undo, to invite friends, to host dinners and to live an experience to the fullest.…

If you want to opt for a luxury rental in the mountains to relax and enjoy nature, take a look at our favorite house: Villa Pyrenees.

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