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On vacation, on business, or a new stage, whatever the reason for your visit

On vacation, on business, or a new stage, whatever the reason for your visit, Paris has endless possibilities for you to fall in love. Without a doubt, each one of us loves to travel and, very often, we are clear about our destination, but… what about accommodation?
It’s a fact that stays in the French capital are in great demand, it’s not an easy task but… what if we told you that you can enjoy an authentic and exclusive Parisian apartment where you can enjoy your stay with the greatest intimacy and comfort possible?

Elegance in Paris

One of the most fundamental priorities we have when traveling is to find that idyllic stay. That accommodation where we feel at home, where comfort and elegance are essential companions. A stay where we can return to rest after a whole day of visits, where even though we are not at home, we can decide what time to take and not be conditioned by the rigorous schedules of restaurants.
In Sarm, our maxim is to offer you the best services and to supply each one of your needs. To put at your disposal every detail and decorate your life with elegance and exclusivity as our Parisian apartments.
Enjoy the city of love par excellence, on a journey like no other. Discover all its charm and fall in love with the city both by day and by night, tasting its gastronomy, visiting its most spectacular tourist spots, and without hesitation, resting in an exclusive and impressive stay.

Parisian Style

Paris is a city with great potential for each one of its millions of annual visitors, and very few people are not taken with a city like this. We know that you are passionate about travelling and discovering and living with other cultures, but this does not necessarily mean that we lose our comfort, freedom and most importantly, our privacy.
Thanks to Sarm you will be able to enjoy each one of these aspects in the exclusive apartments in Paris, stays full of style and potential, where you will not need more schedules or rules than those you impose. Enjoy your freedom!

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